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Allows you to create competitive advantages for your company through intelligent mobility balanced between economy and ecology!

Use the productivity increasing potentials of your company within the highly dynamic area of mobility. Decrease your costs, improve staff loyalty and motivation, treat the environment with care and increase your reputation.

Resource efficiency: Your key to success!

Our Portfolio

We support your optimization process in the operational mobility with a sustainable and balanced mix of economy and ecology. You will gain a new perspective on the dimensions of  stakeholder, processes and technologies. The potential will be revealed and dependencies between the dimensions will be shown. You will be provided with an individual, innovative, balanced and thus intelligent concept for the mobility demand of your company.

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Current Research Projects

Modellregion electric mobiliy
Project eMOMA:

The project eMOMA examines how electric mobility can be implemented smart and economically in fleet. The focus is on company cars with private usage and their substitution with electric vehicles. By this substitution, the mobility of the employees should not be worsened. The employees should get a guarantee for their business and private mobility demand.

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Modellregion electric mobiliy
Project eMoVe:

The project eMoVe focuses on the launch of electric mobility from an integrated perspective with implementation options in cities and regions. The aim of the project is the preparation of a broad distribution of electric mobility. Various approaches address the conceptional, strategic and functional integration of electric mobility into the municipal mobility.  

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